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Girl Scout Programs

Here at LNS, we offer a variety of scout programs which can be tailored to fit your badge needs or girls’ athletic ability/interests! You can find information here about each of our programs offered for your scouts level! 



Since we are a working farm, not all areas are suitable for those with physical handicaps and/or wheelchairs, though we do our best to accommodate where we can. Also, for safety concerns, tag-a-longs are not allowed.

Thank you! 

Daisy or Brownie Scouts Grades K-3

Come see what happens on a daily basis to keep a horse farm up and running! This program offers a 1 hour tour of our facility, and includes petting/brushing a pony!

Junior Scouts Grades 4-5

Horse Fan Day! Individual girls or troops can sign up for this program. This morning will include demonstrations, instruction, horse grooming, and a brief mounted experience! Bring a sack lunch for this program! 

Cadette or Senior Scouts

Grades 6-10

Previously known as the Horse Sense Patch. This is a 3 hour program, and includes a group lesson and riding time! (Minimum of 4 riders, maximum of 12) This program would be scheduled by the troop as we would need to limit the riders to a maximum of 12 for a quality experience within a 3 hour time frame.

We have safely rewritten item #1 of this badge to read:
“Learn how to mount, walk and stop a horse while riding.  Learn how to steer a horse through an obstacle course or set of cones.  Observe a horse and rider walk, trot, and canter and identify the rhythm of these 3 gaits.  If you are able to trot a horse, learn to post.”

More Information

  • Additional Riding Time: For those that have participated in the Horseback Riding Badge (Previously the Horse Riders Badge) at the Junior level, we offer a Troop riding experience!   3 hours: includes group lesson and riding time.  Minimum of 4 riders, Maximum of 12. This would be scheduled by the troop as we would need to limit the riders  for a quality experience within a 3 hour time frame.

  • If you need to visit a tack store for badge requirements, we can direct you to 2 establishments within 3 miles of our stable!

  • Since our facility has both an indoor and outdoor riding arena we can hold these programs year round and rain or shine. Note: We do NOT offer trail rides. Other activities are a possibility including grooming time.

  • For information on what to wear, please refer to our 

FAQ page!


Get in Touch!

Contact us regarding any of our Girl Scout Programs and schedule your experience!

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